Deus 7300 Skylotec

The heavy duty SKYLOTEC DEUS 7300 provides a persistent and solid foundation for a no-compromise back-up belay solution that ensures reliable safety. Always vigilant and keeping watch, the DEUS 7300 instantly and automatically takes over if your primary system fails. The patented “Soft Engagement Technology” ensures a gentle transition to prevent shock load and injury. The device is speed-limited to guard against free-fall with four redundant brakes for maximum safety, versatility and control. Plus, the system is reversible without re-rigging, making it the ideal safety belay for training situations and serves as a abseil belay at the end of high-rope or zip-line courses. Due to its extraordinary durability especially developed for permanent use.

Deus 7300: For heavy use and training backup.

  • Marking: According to standard, CE-marked
  • Standard: EN 341


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