The right address for inspection of your fall arrest blocks

Our experts have the certificates to be able to inspect almost all fall arrest blocks. This puts us in a unique position in the Netherlands by providing training and accreditation for the inspection of virtually all renowned brands. In addition, we are also in possession of the Red Safety Sign (hallmark for fall protection maintenance).

Personal protective equipment (PPE) must be inspected at least once a year according to the law (NEN-EN standard). However, this obligation is not the main reason to have PPE inspected. The biggest motivation is of course safety. Whether or not to have fall protection equipment inspected can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Fall arrest blocks are no exception. Inspection and testing are even more sensitive here. For a thorough inspection, the blocks have to be dismantled. This is a precise and specialized job that not everyone can carry out. Only companies and employees trained by the manufacturer are authorized to do this.

Are you unsure whether your fall arrest block has also been inspected? Contact us!


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