We see it as a mission to show organisations and their employees the importance of a safe workplace at height and depth for everyone. Our information days in our new Expertise Centre aim to provide you with the necessary knowledge regarding awareness, risk assessment and the creation of a safe workplace by using the right combination of collective and personal fall protection.

In our new Expertise Centre, which covers 900 m2 and is one of the largest fall protection centres in Europe, provides various training courses aimed at working safely at height and depth. Additionally, our showroom displays the available options to workplaces at height (and depth) safe. 

On our safe and fully equipped practice roof you can explore almost all conventional collective and personal safety provisions. Various facilities aimed at working at height and depth are also installed within the Expertise Centre. The facilities we offer are in compliance with all laws and regulations regarding fall protection.

Agenda 2021

  • October 29, 2021
  • November 26, 2021
  • December 17, 2021


For who

Safety experts, KAM coordinators and managers who deal with the risk of falling at work environments or work at height and depth.


  • Introduction to Safe Site - Powered by Mennens
  • Laws and regulations on fall hazard situations
  • Awareness of fall hazards & the need for fall protection
  • Distance from fall hazards & use of collective facilities
  • Choice and use of personal fall protection (safety harness, fasteners and anchor points)
  • Donning and testing safety harnesses
  • Practical applications of fall protection
  • Anchor points for fall protection
  • Horizontal & vertical fall protection systems (installation)
  • Maintenance and inspection of fall protection
  • Working on lines (Maintain)
  • Temporary ladders, cage ladders and aerial work platforms
  • Unsafe work situations/circumstances
  • Visit rooftop location
  • Evaluation and closure

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